School Fees and Fee Policy

This fee is payable upon acceptance of offer, it is a one-time and non-refundable payment.
* For Elementary School students, enrolment fee is payable upon acceptance of offer;
* For Middle & High School students, enrolment fee is payable only when the prospective students have passed the placement tests and have accepted the place offered by the school.

All fees must be paid by the due date as stated in the school’s invoice. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if fees are not paid before classes commence.

Payments should be made payable to "ISS International School Pte. Ltd." Interest will be charged at 8% per month for all late payments for a period of up to two (2) months commencing from the day immediately after a payment falls due. Official receipts will be issued for all collections made via these modes of payment.

Tuition fees will be invoiced on a pro-rated basis if a new student enrols and commences his/her studies after the beginning of a new semester. However, if the student decides to leave in the middle of the semester, refund will be based on the refund policy below.

Monies received by ISS will be applied in the order of Enrolment Fee, Tuition Fee, Development Fee, and other fees.

For more information on our fee refund policy, please click here.

* Extended to families with 3 or more children admitted to ISS, applicable to 3rd and subsequent child
* Enrolment Fee waived for all qualifying children
* 20% off tuition and development fees for every semester
In order to qualify for the Family Scheme, three or more children must be enrolled in ISS. Legally adopted children are included as long as the same parents support them. These benefits will continue for the qualifying child throughout their studies in ISS, even after the elder siblings have graduated from ISS.