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Elementary & Middle School – Paterson Campus (Kindergarten 1 to Grade 8)
High School – Preston Campus (Grade 9 to 12)

ISS practises rolling enrolment and all applications require approximately 1 week processing time, excluding weekends. Kindly note that the school breaks fall in October, December, March, and June. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for exact dates of school breaks.

(e.g. of ‘Guardian’: blood relation (Uncle/Aunty), ISS approved listed guardian, etc)



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Name (as per passport)

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Please review the Agreement below with your child/ward. This document guides the on-line media procedures for school. Once you have read and discussed the content with your child/ward, please check the box at the bottom of this page. Please note that upon breaking of any of the below guidelines, the school shall determine the appropriate consequences for the student.

Students will throughout their learning discuss and display appropriate digital citizenship, guided by their teachers, within a curriculum context.


  • The student can use their school email account for school related communication and work only.
  • The student understands their teachers and parents can check their email to see if they are being a responsible user of their school email account.
  • The student uses devices in school only with their teacher’s permission and only when related to schoolwork.
  • Any passwords the student has are their own and they are to keep them private.
  • The student is fully responsible for the care of their personal devices at all times.

  • The student will use devices in school with care and will be careful to treat devices with respect.
  • The student treats everyone online with respect.

  • The student will keep personal information such as full name, home address, phone number or email address private.
  • The student will communicate only with people whose identity they know.

  • If the student sees something inappropriate or if they say something inappropriate or act inappropriately online they will inform their teachers and/or parents.

    We seek your consent to grant permission to ISS for the use of a students’ photograph and/or parents photographs, in whole or in part, in all publications (print or electronic), including website/social media entries. The above can also be used in conjunction with other images, graphics or text for the publicity of the school.

    ISS utilises many different forms of media to share our learning and teaching, and to market the school. The media guidelines at ISS are as follows:

  • Students and parents photos taken within the school and at school events will be used to market the school, when appropriate.
  • All photos will not include the parents’ name/students’ last name nor the grade. A student’s first name and school section will only be used if necessary, e.g. Gary, ISS Middle School.
  • Parent and/or Student information such as home address, phone number or email address will not be put on any form of media for the school’s marketing purposes. Should there be exceptions to this, parent approval will be sought prior to releasing such information.
  • The locations of events will not be released, prior to the event, as far as possible on public marketing platforms, unless absolutely necessary (e.g.: a concert that requires ticket purchases). However, there may be a link to a website that states the location of certain events.
  • When taking photographs, the photographer will make a strong effort to take wider angle shots and focus on the work/activity rather than a particular student. Exceptions will be made if it is a student anecdote or direct student quote.
  • The Marketing Team displays signages at school activities and events, that states the photos of all event attendees (students, parents, etc.) will be taken. These photos may be used in any marketing materials.
  • Activity Waiver


    After submitting the Student Application, you will be given the option to add additional children.

    ISS International School (“the School”) offers a wide variety of curricular and extra curricular activities.

    This letter of waiver and indemnity form covers all curricular and extra curricular activities offered at/ by the School, both within and outside school premises, whether in Singapore or otherwise. Curricular activities include sports and games and other activities attended during scheduled classes, such as physical education, drama, field trips, science experiments etc. Extra curricular activities include other sports, games and activities offered at/ by the School.

    I hereby declare that the Student is my *son/daughter/ward. This waiver is given in consideration of the Student being allowed to participate in any curricular or extra curricular activities offered. I acknowledge and accept that the Student’s participation in any curricular or extra curricular activity is entirely voluntary and all risks attendant to such participation are freely and voluntarily assumed by the Student and me. For the avoidance of doubt, the terms “participate” and “participation” are not restricted to active involvement but are deemed to include the Student’s mere presence or attendance at or in the activity.

    I also understand that for certain curricular and extra curricular activities outside school premises, transportation may be provided back to the school premises from the activity site and I agree that should the Student choose not to take such transportation back to the School, the Student may do so: I hereby agree to such arrangements and declare that the Student and I voluntarily assume all risks attendant to such arrangements.

    I have ensured that the Student understands that it is important for his/her safety, and for the safety of the group that any rules, directions and instructions given by the School’s employees or agents are obeyed.

    In consideration of the Student being allowed to participate in any curricular or extra curricular activity,

    I hereby agree not to hold the School or any of its servants employees and/or agents liable for any personal injury, death, expense, loss and/or damage caused to and/or suffered by the Student, unless the same is proved to be the direct result of any negligent act or willful default of any servant employee or agent of the School; and I agree to indemnify them against and hold them harmless from any expense loss and/or damages arising from or pursuant to the Student’s participation which is not the direct result of any negligent act or willful default of any servant employee or agent of the School.

    I further give permission to the School to act, through any accompanying staff or agent of the School, on my behalf and to make appropriate decisions including authorization of emergency evacuation medical attention and/or treatment as recommended by a physician and/or hospital.